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"...diagnosed with prediabeties/diabetic. A new diet being the hardest, most emotional task I have ever experienced. Courtney guided and helped me accomplish a healthy, thriving body full of energy."

" interest in my life to living again! And I'm off my anxiety medication I took for over 10 years!"

"My body is finally letting go of brain fog, vertigo, fatigue, constant headaches, sinus issues and weight issues."

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Hello amazing human! I'm so pumped you are hear ready to be your crazy soccer mom cheerleader!


I’m Courtney Kinnett-Hooper!

phew that's a mouthfull


Obsessed with health and healing.

Celery juice lover…but also a Dorito connoisseur.

Geeking out on the science of healing bodies (especially gut health!) in my spare time.

…along with watching the Kardashians & Love Island.


Oh AND I have an abnormally accurate intuition for figuring out the actual root of your health issues and validating why your body is doing what it's doing.

more deets on Courtney

You’re about to walk away from chronic health and gut issues, like you’re on a cat walk with 10 security guys behind you.

que “Since you’ve been gone” by Kelly Clarkson!

A heal-the-root, fast tracked, secret weapon, science based, concoction of corrective healing, with a sprinkle of colorful language & humor.

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It can bring even the strongest woman to tears, and her knees, thinking about how trapped she feels in the fatigue, the migraines, the digestive issues, the fog, the pain...


The exercise programs that threw out your back, the diets that you ended up ditching, and the weeding through healthy recipes on Pinterest like your life depended on it

has left you feeling even more run down than you already were and your “give a sh*t meter” is on “E.”

Add that on top of the chronic fatigue, make-you-vomit-migraines, never ending body pains, food sensitivities leaving you with only lettuce you can eat, menstrual problems that make you want to rip your uterus out, and digestive issues that are not only embarrassing…but debilitating. 

Fun right? 

Your whole body feels SO sluggish and your new normal is calling in sick to work, half listening to your kid talk about the lives of koalas, isolating because people are draining the f*ck out of you.

And praying to any and all the Gods that you’re in bed by 7 pm…ok for real, 6:30.


You know it’s not just a diet and exercise keeping you from healing your chronic health issues. 

You know deep down…it’s something else.


A half assed zombie mode where you do life on “empty” isn’t what you pictured and you know deep down something is off. 

Like, REALLY off in your body. 

And healing what’s going on…it’s more than throwing some carrots on top of everything, cutting out the caffeine (sad day), and doing Whole30.. 

It’s MORE than that. 

And you deserve more than that. 

I can help you get to the more.  And I can help you with a specialized approach that’s effective and long lasting. 

And quicker than if you were doing this, all on your own.

Tootles to the tears and the tired, babe!


What would it be like to finally get to the root of the years of health issues? 

It’s like someone gave you this horrible f*cking onesie that you can’t get off. 

And you’ve been ripping and tearing to get this thing off for years. So you can finally just breathe, feel comfortable in your body, and feel the weight lift. 

And just imagine finally having YOU back. 

The you that sings loud in the car and dances with your weiner dog?

(for me, it’s my potbelly pig Maybelle)

How would it feel to finally not have a heavy cloud of brain fog and fatigue?

To finally not curl up in the fetal position with cramps and bloating?

To not have to call in to work for another damn migraine?

Just cruising down the highway, wind in your hair, throwing your puke bags out the window (oops…maybe don’t litter).

And to finally release the extra weight and not avoid the mirror like you do your Aunt Carol?

You aren’t the average woman and this isn’t the average holistic healing journey.


I can help you get the healed body you’ve been dreaming of with…
  • My obsession with the science of what your body needs to transform
  • My “More Than Food” healing method where we concoct your own potion to heal your health symptoms.
  • Secret Weapon: My “spidey sense” and intuitive super powers on what’s really causing your health issues and discomforts. 
 These are all going to help you finally feel how you’ve been wanting to…
for way too long.


Oh! And if you’re worried about failing at ANY of this…

 I’m that gal that tells you wherever you are at is ok and the bliss is in the baby steps. 

This isn’t a pass or fail. Be messy, make mistakes, aim for a C+...and still make progress.

This is going to be me accepting you, laughing with you (gonna be real here, probably crying with you), digging into the root, and taking some baby steps that will get you, 

your transformation.

I'm intrigued...more deets please!

The proof is in the pudding...


"Courtney finally pointed me in the right direction…and it literally makes me want to cry. After over two years of some major health issues and some extra weight (despite the healthy eating and exercise)…I finally feel relief! My body is finally letting go of brain fog, vertigo, fatigue, constant headaches, sinus issues, and weight issues. Courtney was literally one of the best investments I've made. She's not only hilarious and crazy passionate about my own healing, but she had an incredible amount of insight into what was actually going on, deep down for me. And figuring out what was really going on...has been life changing.  My transformation after working with Courtney is literally priceless and she was not the average health coach. I hate to think about if I hadn’t gotten Courtney’s help…and the years that would go by as my body got worse and worse. I only wish I had tapped into Courtney’s insights sooner!"

- AMY V.

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