Bioenergy Scans

the secret weapon to understanding your body

A bioenergy scan sounds spacecraft woo-woo yet WTF am I getting into with this crazy I right?!

Empowering YOU with Bioenergy Scans

My mission: I don’t want you to spend thousands of dollars on lab test after lab test. I just don’t believe in that, and I want you to keep as much of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket as possible.

Are some tests necessary? Absolutely.

But one thing to remember is that every test or scan only shows a snapshot in time. Where you currently are in your life and your health.

Your body changes daily, monthly, yearly (especially as a woman).

Bioenergy scans (in my opinion) are a great starting point or refresh to help you see what’s happening inside, correct, then go from there before spending so much time and money on a “possibility”.

Your body wants to heal. Your body wants to function properly for you. Your mind wants you to be happy and healthy. This scan can bring so much VALIDATION and INSIGHT to how you’re currently feeling and actually have tangible steps to more throwing the noodle at the wall hoping it sticks!

It’s an EMPOWERING scan. Not something to fear the results of.

So, WTF is a Bioenergy Scan?!

Bioenergtics: “the study of energy relationships and energy transformations in living organisms”

So basically, measuring the energies inside of your body to see what systems in your body are resonating as stressed.

The scan is a non-invasive, energetic analysis. It is simply a hair and saliva sample sent off to a lab, testing for “resonating energies” in your body in different categories including resonating:

Energetic Nutritional Imbalances

Provides nutrients your body's resonating LOW in. Understanding food imbalances is essential in knowing what organs or functions of your body might be stressed. The nutritional categories: amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Energetic Toxins

Discovers resonating toxins your body is holding onto the energies of or you have an energetic exposure to. It is not a diagnosis, but simply a guide to help clear out your body. The six categories scanned: bacteria, metals, parasites, mold, viruses, and chemicals.

Energetic Hormone Imbalances

Imbalances occur because of stress resonating from your body’s systems, nutrition imbalances and resonating toxins. So as your whole body aligns, so do these hormone imbalances. This section gives you an idea of what hormones are either too low or too high.

Balancing Remedies

Remedies selected are based on the energetic stressors discovered in all of the previous categories to help your body find balance again. You can take all, some or none of the remedies, but it is a customized supplemental plan to bring you back into balance.

Side Note: the scan is NOT a diagnosis. The labs are testing for what is resonating in your body – basically what it is holding onto for some reason and unable to detox or let go. The scan is simply an energetic look inside your body to see what areas need a little extra loving, detoxing and support!

No needles. No fasting. No scheduling. No leaving your home.

I see you introverts.

How the Scan Works

I will do all of the ordering, shipping, scheduling, and analyzing.

All you have to do is:

  • Patiently wait for the scan to arrive via mail.
  • Unbox, then give up some saliva and hair. The scan package comes with incredible instructions, and you always have me to ask away too!
  • Ship back as soon as possible.
  • Wait for the results, and once they are in we sit down on a 50 minute session to go over the results together.

It’s probably the most validating session you will ever have in your life.

This scan is included with The Summit Transformation health counseling packages.

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Just want to do the scan?

I got you!

Bioenergy Scan with Consultation


1 balancing bioenergy scan

50 minute consultation going over scan results

30 minute follow-up consultation



plus tax on scan

Ready to get the validation you deserve?

An invoice will be emailed to you to account for taxes in your area.

We protect your information like it is our own - the address is simply for where to mail the scan.