4 Tips to Enjoy a Nonrestrictive Holiday!

Nov 14, 2022

Ah the holidays…my favorite holiday! The amazing food, the gratitude, the aesthetics and sadly the forgotten holiday. To my Christmas lovers out there…sorry Christmas is not after Halloween, we need to give thanks with turkey first lol!

During the holiday season it seems to be the theme of…ah screw it, I’ll just finish the year enjoying and indulging. But what if you decided to keep on the path you are going and welcome January without the desperate need to cut everything out and have a hard reset? To actually honor your body, your goals, your balance while STILL enjoying the holiday season without restrictions?!

This is possible my friend. I do it every year for myself and guide my clients through it…and I want this for YOU!

So, put that leftover pumpkin pie down for breakfast, and let me give you my top tips to enjoy all the stuffing and pie this Thanksgiving without regret or overeating!

How to enjoy a balanced, nonrestrictive holiday season:
  1. Start the morning with a nourishing breakfast. Please do not skip any meals…this is not doing your gut, hormones, or brain any favors. It just makes you eat more of what might not make you feel your best. Set your day up for success enjoying a nourishing smoothie or some veggie stuffed eggs so you can avoid afternoon crashes, extreme sugar cravings, hangry, sick to your stomach…or all the other emotions that come with skipping a meal.
  2. Eat the normal amount you would any other day…plus dessert. One thing I want you to remember, you can make your favorite holiday foods and dishes ANYTIME OF THE YEAR. There are no rules saying you can’t. Going into the day with this mindset allows you to enjoy your favorites without eating yourself sick, welcoming leftovers into your fridge or making your favorite stuffing or pie in July when the craving hits. Release the fixation of “it’s only this time of year” causing you to overindulge or eat too many sweets and know that you can enjoy these foods anytime you choose. Sweet freedom my friend.
  3. Do not guilt or shame yourself for what you decide to eat. This is doing your mind and body zero favors. If you choose to eat 2 desserts, ENJOY THEM. If you fill your plate but don’t like half of what you put on it, don’t force yourself to eat it…go grab what you actually like or want to eat, and enjoy every bite. Raise your standards for what you choose to put in your body, make sure you enjoy every bite, the second you don’t stop eating it, and you will notice your body will receive the richer foods better. And if you do eat a little more than you normally do or have a few extra sweets…who cares! If you loved every bite…soak it in, enjoy it and move on with your day.
  4. Hot lemon water and digestive enzymes before eating. I wanted throw in a simple little tip to help your body process foods you may not be used to eating to try and combat some bloating or digestive discomfort. Before eating, drink 1 delightful mug of hot lemon water to support your liver and digestion before food hits your body. Then, have some digestive enzymes to support and give your gut an extra helping hand to breakdown the foods. Give it a shot and notice the difference of how your body can handle food a little better!

Happy eating my friend! Remember raise your standards, enjoy every bite and give your body that extra nourishing boost so you can ACTUALLY enjoy your favorites without regret or restriction!

Need support working through food struggles, finding an eating balance that fits your lifestyle or gut health support? Check out ways you can work with me HERE!

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