5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Health Journey

Oct 03, 2022

I most likely started my health journey similar to you…was yours through doing Plexus, Arbonne, Beachbody, doing keto, Weight Watchers, or something similar? Well, mine all started with accidentally signing up with Beachbody (yes I had no idea lol), but it lit a spark inside of me of figuring out how to become a healthier me in my own way.

I didn’t want to follow a one-size fits all kind of program. I wanted to get to the root cause of my binge eating, my digestive issues, my weight loss, my desire for a healthier lifestyle. I just wanted something FOR ME.

This is when I discovered health coaching thanks to a massive nudge from my best friend. Going through the Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching program I learned how to take care of me and my unique body the way it deserved and needed. Through this process, I have been able to help women discover their own way of what a healthy lifestyle looks like for them. Every BODY is different, every MIND is different and you deserve to feel good in your own way.

I could go on about this forever, but I want you to believe and know that your healthy lifestyle is just one decision away – and you know exactly what step to take, so stop holding yourself back and just DO IT!

Moral of this rant, I just wanted to share my top 5 things I wish I knew before starting my health journey. My hope is that these 5 things can help you too!

I wish I knew that:

  1. Dieting would only make it worse (especially for someone like me who can be a little obsessive). Diets cause eating disorders. Between the obsessive tracking, telling yourself something is good or bad, the restricting your favorite foods only to binge when the diet is over…all of this creates a negative mental shift with food. If diets weren’t a thing, food wouldn’t feel like such a big deal. It would just be there when you need it! So next time you say you are going on a restrictive diet, maybe think of it as “insert your name” diet. I am happily on the Courtney diet where I listen to my body’s needs and meet them.
  2. Working on your mindset can actually help the weight fall off. This piece was HUGE in my 35 lb weight loss journey. I feel like I woke up one day and the weight was just gone but I had been consuming and implementing personal development material and going to therapy to heal what was consuming my mind and body. As I started to release these past negative beliefs about myself, traumas, etc. I was able to release it through physical pounds on my body. I truly wish I went to therapy sooner lol.
  3. There is no quick fix – losing weight rapidly can actually cause more health issues. I’ve tried it all – the stomach wraps, the calorie counting, eating steamed spinach for lunch, juicing, fasting, you name it. Sure these helped me lose some weight, but it never stayed off. When you actually heal your relationship with food, fuel your body with nutrients it needs and actually enjoy your food THIS is what helps the weight stay away. Don’t believe me? I lost those 35 lbs 6 years ago now and they have never returned to my body. Do the work, the HARD work and your body will respond.
  4. Walking and meditating will help you lose weight. I grew up as an athlete and I was a college athlete so I had a skewed view that extreme workouts was the only way to lose weight. WRONG. Are these workouts needed? Absolutely. BUT, sometimes your body needs the slower movement like yoga and walking to get the weight off. Obsessing over workouts can lead to obsessing over weight loss. Release it, enjoy moving your body again, enjoy deep breathing and watch your body thank you.
  5. Working on supporting my liver and gut health was more beneficial in the long run to actually keep the weight off. As you get older, your body gets bogged down with toxins – that’s why you get more tired as you age or digestion gets messed up. So if you can do anything, start focusing on cleansing your liver daily even if it’s simply enjoying lemon water and taking a probiotic to boost your gut health. Your detox pathways being clear is the key to feeling healthy every day. Start honoring your organs and all the hard work they do for you – they like to be needy and get a little extra love!

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