Herbal Teas to Keep Your Gut Happy

Sep 26, 2022

Never underestimate the power of herbs and spices when it comes to your health. These ingredients can be the most healing AND can zest up any bland chicken breast or meal to keep you wanting more of the nourishing foods.

Here are 5 teas that can boost, soothe and aid your digestion:

Ginger Tea

Why your gut loves it: aids your digestion, soothes your intestinal tract, anti-inflammatory

**This is my go-to tea for digestion! I like to get varieties such as turmeric ginger or lemon ginger. Turmeric is another gut loving spice that protects your gut lining and helps get things moving in your digestive tract!

Fennel Tea

Why your gut loves it: can improve digestion, helps reduce gas and bloating

Peppermint Tea

Why your gut loves it: helps reduce bloating and gas, relieve stomach cramps

Cinnamon Tea

Why your gut loves it: antihistamine, restores gut lining, can promote good bacteria growth, can act as a binder and help with diarrhea

Dandelion Root Tea

Why your gut loves it: helps improve your upset stomach, aid in digestion and bowel movements


Why your gut loves it: reduces inflammation, aids in flushing out toxins

**Add a slice or get varieties like lemon ginger tea!

Daily for myself and what I recommend for my clients is to drink 1 cup of one of these teas a day whether gut health is your focus or not. We can all use and extra boost from herbs to keep our bodies detoxing, happy and healthy!

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