How to Cleanse Your Home's Energy

Nov 07, 2022

Your home is your serenity, your safe place, your place to just be you. So if you are feeling stuck, stagnant, unmotivated or even a little edgy in your home this might be your sign it needs some serious cleansing.

Now, I try to cleanse my home every single day using at least one of the options below because I notice a huge shift in my sleep, attitude, motivation for work, and just overall feeling good with my health. I highly recommend cleansing your home…it’s an act of self care that will improve your health tremendously!

How to cleanse your home:

Essential Oils Diffuser

Depending on the day, the mood, the agenda, I diffuse different scents to fit the “vibe”. On client call days it’s a fruity, energizing scent. At night it’s a lavender, stress releasing scent. Cleaning it’s a cleansing, purifying scent ranging from Thieves to something with citrus in it. And when I’m feeling moody…it’s the seasonal blends like pumpkin pie or Christmas spirit.

The fun thing about oils is you can make them fit the mood you want your home and they still help cleanse and purify the air in a natural, non-toxic way. Company oils I love are Revive and Young Living.


Smudging might seem “woo woo” to you, but such a simple act can truly purify and shift the energy of your home in seconds. As an empath I am very sensitive to energies around me…even if someone stops by my house for 5 minutes I feel a huge shift. Smudging helps me release those energies and just keep mine in my home the way it should be.

If you aren’t familiar with smudging, it is basically burning sage throughout your home pushing negativity out and giving your space a reset. You can buy a smudge stick like this OR you can do an aura spray for a quick cleanse when needed.

Open Those Windows

Letting in fresh air just makes you feel better. You know that feeling when you have been inside all day, you step outside for a deep breathe and just feel refreshed? Your home wants this same feeling. Open your windows 1-2 times a month (even in winter) to refresh and air out your home.

I like to smudge with the windows open as well to “push” the unwanted energy out as well. PLUS it helps rid your home of stagnant toxins which is a HUGE benefit to your health.

**And yes, even if you have plants still open your windows to air things out. Your plants will be grateful too!

Clean with Natural Cleaners

I wanted to include this one because the goal is to reduce toxins in your home so you can feel your best. When using products with VOCs like bleach or products with warning toxin labels or artificial fragrances…these are toxins being put into the air of your home that gets trapped hindering your gut health. And when your gut health is down…your anxiety might go up.

Try to go for natural cleaners when cleaning your home to deepen the cleansing piece. This can truly shift the energy of the home and your mood!

Binaural Beats

I love playing binaural beats in my home to shift the vibration and energy. Sound can truly be healing…and again this might seem “woo woo” but it works! I play them while cleaning, working, cooking, showering…or just when I’m feeling down and need a little help to boost my mood.

You can go to my blog post on Frequencies to choose which hertz best fits what you need.

EMF Protection & Airplane Mode

These two are the best things you can do for your home and your body especially when it comes to sleeping. EMFs are radiation waves that come from cell phone towers, WIFI routers, and your cell phone/electronic devices. The EMFs can be toxic to your body, you can be sensitive to it where you feel anxious or it can truly impact your sleep.

You can purchase EMF protectors if you can to put by your bedside or by your computer while you work. Or you can put your phone on airplane mode when your sleep or shut your WIFI router off at night. It truly helps shift the energy because the constant wave of energy coming from this device is pulsing through your home while you are trying to rest. Trust me on this one…it really makes a huge difference!

Need support working on cleaning up toxins in your home environment or knowing what products to reach for? Check out ways you can work with me HERE! I have a special 5 day cleansing challenge in my membership!

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