My Friend & I Made a Bet…And it Changed Our Healthy Habits FOREVER!

Nov 28, 2022

Sometimes you just need a little tough love.

My friend and I have been trying for probably a year now getting our butts in gear with our workouts…and staying consistent with it. We would hold each other accountable, give each other grace if we missed a workout, go on vacation and then fall off the deep end so hard we wouldn’t workout for months.

One day we said, enough is enough. We were over the soft, caretaking ways we had with each other and just wanted to workout because we know it’s great for our health and need a refresh of “buck the f*ck up” attitude. My friend said…what if we made a bet?

I mean…both of us are competitive, we like to be challenged, and we don’t like parting with money if it’s something we don’t want or need.

SO, here are the stakes each month (and we are still doing this today):

  • Pick 1-3 habits we are struggling to stick with and set amount per week and time…we get detailed!
  • If we miss 1 day, we cannot make it up by doing 2 per day…if it’s missed, it’s missed. (I mean unless emergencies or severe health issues obviously)
  • If we don’t make our designated goals, we owe the other person $50. Like…f*ck that I am not losing that!
  • We use the HabitShare app to get notified when each other does the habit and cheer each other one with lots of kudos and you got this.
  • We support and remind each other if the habit isn’t going to be met…we aren’t cutthroat, we support.

This kind of support has been a game changer! Because even on the days where we just don’t want to do a darn thing, we think of that $50 and get off our ass and just do the damn thing. It’s amazing what an incentive like this can do to your brain when trying to incorporate a habit you aren’t always 100% a fan of doing in your life!

Looking to get this type of tough love support? I got you boo! I offer text support with the HabitShare app to get you on track with habits you may be struggling with. PLUS…if you do meet your goal you get a reward from me…if you don’t meet it, well we will cross that bridge if you get there because I believe in YOU!

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