Random Health Fact...Sprinkles Are Bugs

Oct 17, 2022

Sprinkles are bugs.

And no I’m not kidding you. Maybe you knew this…but I didn’t find this out until last year and just felt mortified. Now every time my husband reaches for a sprinkled donut I just mention the extra, unwanted protein he is getting from the sprinkles (he loves it every time)!

Anyway, the ingredient you want to look out for if you decide to keep using sprinkles (it can even be found in some candy too) is shellac or also called confectioner’s glaze. This ingredient gives the sprinkles it’s shiny, waxy effect.

NOW, this ingredient is not necessarily of health concern according to EWG.org…but if you are vegan or vegetarian make sure your food choices don’t have shellac or confectioner’s glaze.

In my personal health coach opinion, this ingredient is still a processed food. It is not necessarily of nutritional value to fuel your body and the product, as a whole, typically is harmful to your gut microbiome, detox organs, etc.

I know that sprinkles are a fun way for kids to decorate cookies for Christmas, enjoy on cupcakes, or sprinkle in their ice cream…there is a certain nostalgia with sprinkles. I GET IT. So instead of reaching for the generic sprinkles filled with toxic ingredients like dyes, bugs, fake sugar, you name it! I found a fun alternative for you to enjoy with your family!

Supernatural Sprinkles. Are these perfect? No…but nobody is perfect in their diet. I hope you enjoy a more natural alternative to a fun decorating product no matter how old you are!

Happy bug free sprinkling!

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