Welcome to the 21 Day Gut Reboot!

21 Days to a Happier Gut!

Pregnancy vibes from being bloated after every meal?

Feeling heavy like you gained 30 pounds every time you eat?

Wondering why a grown a** adult is still struggling with acne and you are just fed up?

Frustrated with the discomfort of inconsistent bowel movements?

Craving clarity because your daily brain fog is getting really old?!

Uncomfortable with gas exiting ALL the time?!

The 21 Day Gut Reboot is here to simply help YOU feel better!

Say hello to a DFY program for 21 days to a happier gut microbiome! And say YES to feeling lighter, refreshed, energized AND taken care of in under 30 minutes a day!

YES, I Want a Happy Gut!

You're on Google AGAIN...

researching why do I feel like sh*t every time I eat (insert favorite meal). Google comes back with a laundry list of foods to avoid, maybe a juice cleanse for 5 days, a remedy to reduce bloating…or even a scary diagnosis you probably don’t have but you go down a dark hole and decide to swear off all things good in your life because you think you’re dying!

Did I sum up every health Google search you have ever done? I know I have been there!

I want to make this search you embarked on a clear and easy decision. The Gut Reboot in front of you does not require you to drink juice for 5 days straight, it fits into your schedule without feeling restricted, and you still get to enjoy BOMB recipes without having to Google what foods are “good for my gut health”!

Yes...I truly made it that easy!


Feeling like a million bucks after you eat...buh bye bloated Betty!

Having a weekly plan of meals that will nourish your gut without having to do the research yourself...close that laptop girl!

Finally releasing the heaviness after meals...you know what your body needs!

Having quick remedies so you can actually enjoy pasta night...Bon Appetit!

Feeling clear and energized with your days...foods not gonna drag you down!

And all you have to do is dedicate 30 minutes to have all of this! (Or if your a bada** prepper, this can all be prepped in a couple hours.)

I Am Ready For All This!

A Peak Inside the Reboot!

21 Day Recipe & Grocery List Booklet

The booklet will be your ride or die for the 21 days you do the reboot filled with 30 recipes including smoothies, breakfast, lunch dinner, snacks and even desserts, itemized grocery lists, items to stock, and a simple plan to reboot that gut!

Foods That Make Your Gut Wanna Dance!

Certain foods truly make your gut cue the confetti bomb! While other foods like to kill the dance party going on inside. In this module you learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about food so you can refresh your gut and keep the party going during the reboot!

Let's Geek Out for a Sec

It’s all fine and dandy knowing what to eat, but understanding the science or even the “woo woo” behind gut happy foods makes choosing them that much easier. Your gut is your home base…let’s make it cozy!

Your Gut Has Feelings Too...

The saying “gut feeling” is really a thing. Your intestines have more nerve endings than anywhere else in your body…and one particular nerve relays from your gut to your brain. Working on this connection is where the magic happens!

What's Drafting Divorce Papers Between You & a Healthy Gut

You know that certain foods kill of the good bacteria…but there are everyday products that could actually be nagging a divorce between you and your gut being happy together forever. I dive into all the toxins to watch for in everyday products to keep the peace (and no, it won’t break the bank!).

Is Your Gut Being Extra Needy?

Bloating? Constipation? Gas? This is your gut being needy. Learn how to ease these discomforts naturally, and if the reboot is causing discomfort there is more work to do…I got you boo!

It's Closing Time...Let's Beat the Hangover

I don’t want to leave you hanging after 21 days together of creating a flourishing gut microbiome...so I will leave you with how to keep the goods growing while still bringing your pizza back in the game! I share a secret weapon that keeps the gut even happier...and trust me, it's not what you think!

Now I know what you're thinking...WTF does this cost?!

Let me break it on down for you!

  • 21 Day Recipe & Grocery Booklet.............................(value $197.00)
  • 6 Modules filled with video trainings & handouts..........(value $1497)

Total Value = $1694

Original Price = $397.00

Your Price = $197.00


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