I'm already crazy running down the soccer field cheering you on!

Bombshell-ish Coaching Sessions!

30 Minute Video Coaching Session


30 minutes is all I need!

60 Minute Video Coaching Session



90 Minute Video Coaching Session


I'm ready to dive deep!

Videos sessions not your thing? Don't worry, I've got you covered...

Bombshell-ish Texting Support!


  • 4 weeks of texting support Monday thru Thursday! No need to change out of your pajamas, just simply text!

  • PLUS access to my membership filled with recipes you'll love and other health nuggets to support you!
Texting is my love language!

Voxer Support!


  • 4 weeks of voice messaging support Monday thru Thursday! Feel like you need a mix of voice messaging and texting to dive even deeper? This is for you!

  • PLUS access to my membership is a given too!
Yesss, Voxer it is!

Want to get answers and heal from the root? Oooo, I got just the thing!

Bioenergy scans are the perfect at home test that only requires a hair and saliva sample...like it seriously cannot get any easier!

These scans give you an inside look to what's going on inside your body. The tests share nutritional imbalances, resonating toxins (like mold, viruses, etc.), hormonal imbalances, and even give you remedies such as herbs, homeopathy and nutritionals!

A scan like this is for you if you feel like something is off, feel like you are going crazy and just want answers!

**These scans do not diagnose or treat illnesses. They are simply testing for what energies are resonating in your body.

BALANCING Bioenergy Scan PLUS Call Session


  • Balancing Scan which gives you: hormone imbalances, nutritional imbalances, general resonating toxins and balancing regime
  • 45 minute phone call to go over your scan and tie all the pieces together
The scan basics is all I need!

FULL Bioenergy Scan PLUS Call Session


  • Full Scan which gives you: system performance, hormone imbalances, nutritional imbalances, general resonating toxins, food and environmental sensitivities and balancing regime
  • 60 minute phone call to go over your scan and tie all the pieces together
YES, I want the full!

Quick breakdown of how the scan purchase works: purchase scan and call session, I order the scan and have it mailed straight to you (please provide your phone number and address during purchase), you do the scan and fill out form online, we get your results and schedule a call to go over the scan together! This process can take 2 weeks to 1 month to get your results depending on how quick the turn around is!

Why Bombshell-ish Sessions or Messaging?!

  • health coaching your way, on your time! Customize the support you need!

  • have a sidekick to answer all of your burning health questions

  • feel like you are in control over your food choices (especially over the holidays)

  • reduce nagging cravings...maybe even completely eliminate them!

  • someone to listen and care about your health struggles...no more settling for "whelp this is just what getting older is I guess"

  • accountability to help you stay on track with whatever your heart desires - workouts, water, food choices, cooking, fun coffees...you catch my drift!

  • customized approach to making habits stick...even the ones you HATE!

  • meal plan support that we create together!

  • bloating, constipation, brain fog, inflammation, digestive issues...you name it, we can work on it together!

  • a swift (yet gentle) kick in the a** to regain motivation for a healthier you!

  • and this is just the tip of the iceberg...if there is something else you want support around, I got you!

** If you have any questions or need help deciding what sessions work best for your needs, feel free to reach out via email to: [email protected]

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