An out-of-the-box, heal the root cause approach to healing your chronic health issues - for good!

I'm Ready for Relief!


"Before working with Courtney, I was depressed, had zero confidence and I wanted to sleep all day. Now I feel ambitious, motivated and when I look in the mirror I love myself. The biggest change I noticed since working with Courtney is my attitude and what I accomplished in 12 weeks, my whole life changed. I went from zero interest in my life to living again and things have changed 100%! I'm off my anxiety medication I took for over 10 years! I feel healthier, I'm sleeping better and I'm going on adventures doing things I love again. Courtney will make you a better version of yourself if you follow her recommendations."

- Jessie H.

You're about to dance like nobody is watching with all of your chronic health issues finally leaving the VIP seats! feel like a bag of smashed a**holes, day in and day out.

You show-up every day, smile on your face, hiding how much pain you’re in, overly stressed, trying to focus while your mind wants to be dancing in la-la land with Ryan Gosling, and your scared to eat anything because you just don’t know how your body is going to react today…


Are you just over it?

Over experiencing bloating no matter what you eat, irregular bowel movements, constant pain, anxiety, brain fog, or just feeling frustrated with your body because you’ve tried everything and nothing is working?!

You're using all of your vacation days because it’s your 5th migraine of the week…you just want the Bahamas!

Chugging all the caffeine to make the 24/7 chronic fatigue survivable.

Embarrassed about uncomfortable bowel movements at the most inopportune times…ran out of that meeting!

Over the “I can’t eat anything” because your body keeps overreacting like a teenager in drama club.

Spending all of your hard-earned dollars on supplements that are like throwing a noodle at the wall hoping something will give you relief.

You're just over feeling at war with your own body.


I see you, and I want relief for you.

Time to throw that middle finger up (maybe two…and your big toe) and take back your control!


Imagine your life when you finally get to the root of your chronic health issues and symptoms.

To finally breathe again and get relief from the suffocation and constant worry of what’s going on inside your body!

Imagine finally having YOU back! Living your life…not just existing in it!

Just you, dancing around your home with your kids to your throwback Brittany Spears CD, smiling again!

(oops...did it again!)

Where you can finally feel like you can get out of bed without the zombie brain fog and fatigue!

To not fear traveling because you don’t want to spend your vacation curled up on the bathroom floor with stomach pains and sh*tty pants.

To wake up for once and not worry about when the next headache or migraine is going to hit...ding dong the wicked witch is dead!!

To finally eat food and not suddenly look 9 months pregnant from bloating and people congratulating you.

And to finally release the constant worry of wondering if your going to be ok…

because you are.

I so ready to be me again, viva va vibrance!!

"I am 64, have lost over 40 lbs. I recently was diagnosed with prediabeties/diabetic. This was a huge life change for me. A new diet being the hardest, most emotional task I have ever experienced.  Courtney guided and helped me accomplish a healthy, thriving body full of energy.  She has made me aware of what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat.  Her recipes have great nutritious value as well as being tasty.  Thanks Court and Summit Coaching!"

- Steve K.

"Since working with Courtney I am not constantly tired, I reduced emotional eating, and I can tell what food my body really wants. Courtney is ALL in for her clients and it's amazing! She helped me implement a workout routine I could and wanted to stick to (yes, that's a big deal for me), cut back on processed foods, and learn how to balance my food so I can still eat what I want but feel better about it."

- Kari P.

To the woman who deserves a more than the average life, I give you a more than average holistic healing journey!


I can help you get the relief you've been dreaming of from…

  • Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, intestinal pain or discomfort, irregular bowel movements, undigested food in your stool, gas, indigestion, heartburn…basically any gut health issues!
  • Brain fog or just feeling “slow” (you miss your witty self!)
  • Fatigue (especially chronic)
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling inflamed
  • Skin issues (acne, eczema, redness, etc.)
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Diagnosed with “leaky gut”, severe acid reflux/GERD, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), fatty liver disease, gallbladder issues, autoimmunity, etc.

I could keep this list going, so if there are symptoms you are experiencing that I did not include email me and let’s see what I can do for you!


The Summit Transformation!

1:1 healing program designed ONLY for you...because one size does not fit all in my world.

This is not your average health coaching...or really health coaching at all. This is a healing experience!

The Summit Transformation is:

 Expert healing guidance - Bioenergy health scan - Magic methods - Transformational food, that's easy - Supplement recommendation - And more!


I'm Ready to Get to The Root & Transform My Life!

6 Ingredients to your Healing Sandwich

we embody during your specialized 1:1 program

My Expertise

I’m a Functional Nutrition Counselor (in training) and an Integrative Nutrition Gut Health Coach. Holy mouthful! The trainings I have mean I can help you heal…like REALLY heal from the root cause! I have an understanding of what’s scientifically happening on the inside and bringing that science to meet the tools that will get you results. Zero fluff…I mean business and want you to get the results you deserve!

Bioenergy Scan

I know…WTF is this?! Bioenergy scans are a noninvasive technique to help you (and me) understand what’s really happening inside your body. Ranging from energetic toxins to hormone imbalances to nutrition imbalances…we get a really good picture of what needs to happen on the inside to help you heal at an even deeper level.

More deets on the scan!


Or suppies as my husband says! With me as your counselor, you have my expertise on which supplements can help you heal your body specifically. I believe in taking it slow and ONLY supplementing as necessary…food first, suppies second! PLUS with the bioenergy scan, you get a supplement regime specifically picked for you (if you choose).

The Summit Sidekick

Lifetime access to, in my biased opinion, an amazing and forever evolving library of holistic healing goods. It’s like your own personal library filled with recipes, supplement help, mini clips, food debunking and so much more!

*Under construction, access starting 1 June 2023!

Magic Methods

Unique, out-of-the box methods that truly go deeper into your body to help cleanse and heal. And you get to start these methods ASAP…nobody wants to wait until the end for magical healing, we want you sparkling as soon as possible! These methods include techniques you can do at home (even in minutes), things like liver massage, breath for lymphatic drainage, propolis…I love my propolis, just to name a few!


I am here for you. When you don’t have the energy, I will show up with 200x the energy to get you going again. I am a health counselor who cares, cries with you, challenges you, zero judgement, and wants your success. I WILL work myself out of a job, that’s how much I believe in YOU and your healing.

Do the work…watch your body love you back and heal. If you believe you can heal from your chronic issues and symptoms, you will. If you fight the process, it’s harder for your body to accept healing. Be ALL IN, so your body can be all in with you!

This is not an all or nothing kind of program or place. I believe in tangible steps to get you the results you deserve that WILL LAST for years to come. PLUS having the tools to always come back to if health issues come back up...because there will be ups & downs!

And what you can expect if you follow recommendations to a "T" and show up for yourself:

Feel more energy within 1-2 weeks
Discover where your body needs specific support to heal by 4 weeks
Validation on why your body is doing what it's doing...and how to help immediately working together!
Improve your digestion getting back to daily bowel movements, less bloating and gas!
Feel lighter and clearer in the noggin’ & bod!
Reduce cravings for less nourishing foods within 6 weeks
Finally get relief and reduce the constant headaches and migraines


And this is just the basics of what you can heal...

I'm ready to show T.F. up!


Juicy goodies with initial health counseling sessions:

  • 1, 60 minute thorough intake video/call session mapping out your entire health history in we REALLY know what's going on inside!

Intake session: you walk away with a detailed timeline & matrix that is yours to share with other healthcare providers (hello not telling your story 5 million times to 30 different people and worrying your forgot a major detail!) & to help me guide your healing journey! The more I know your history, the more I can help you!

  • 1, 60 minute health counseling video/call session

Health counseling session: you walk away with tangible steps to start healing your body specific to your needs based on the health timeline and matrix we created together. You will get supplement recommendations, healing modalities, information on why your body may be reacting the way it is, and so much more!

After the Premier Transformation Session, you will have several options to continue sessions that fit your schedule and budget. And if the initial sessions are all you need, amazing! I am always here to support you even if it's years from now! 

I’m just over here, staring at my inbox, waiting for your name to pop up…like me and my laptop are in a no blinking contest.

Still unsure if this approach is right for your healing journey?

This IS for your if:

  • You are ready to 100% commit to healing your body and ready to take personal responsibility for your results. What you put in, you get out!
  • The investment of time and money may seem scary, but you are so ready for healing possibilities to come with that investment!
  • You are dedicated and committed to being imperfectly you, doing the best you can where you are at (and I will meet you right there too)!
  • You are open to suggestions, coaching, communicating, and trying new things…because you can’t heal without being open to new things!

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a Band-Aid approach or quick fixes to your health issues. There is no such thing.
  • You don’t communicate in between sessions or show-up to your video sessions.
  • You aren’t willing to make changes to your current lifestyle or already feel resistant to change.
  • You aren’t ready to invest in a 1:1 coaching experience.
THIS IS SO FOR ME! (cue power hair flip)

You don't have to go at this alone anymore.

I am 1000% invested in your healing journey so you can FINALLY live free of your chronic health symptoms!

YES! I want to finally heal for good!